Mission Statement

The New Milford Volunteer Fire Department is committed to providing superior levels of quality service that exceed the publics expectations for timely and effective delivery of fire prevention, fire control, and public education.

Quality will be evaluated on how well we maintain excellence in meeting the needs of our people, achieving organization goals, and creating a service culture that continuously reinforces and promotes excellence in all line and support functions.

Being a professional on the New Milford Volunteer Fire Department means doing the "whole job". Doing the "whole job" includes focusing on the extra interpersonal dimensions and sensitivities of empathy, concern, care and compassion. Our work often involves respecting peoples’ property during their most vulnerable moments, when they need help the most and have to rely on our members. Interpersonal awareness and sensitivity is our responsibility. Indifference or lack of empathy is a professional weakness. The public does not need one of our members to be having a "bad day" when they call us for help… they're already having one of their own.

2015 Fire Department Officers


Lieutenant Matthew Calnan - Company 1

Lieutenant William Mury - Company 2

Captain Ron Stokes - Company 1

Captain Jack Siccardi Sr. - Company 2

Deputy Chief Ross Rhein - Company 1

Assistant Chief Alan Silverman - Company 2

Department Chief David Stormer - Company 1