On Saturday August 28, 2010, members of the Knights of Fire New Jersey Motorcycle Club, in support of the Fire Department New York-Fire Family Transport Foundation, The Wounder Warrior Project, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and the Iron and Steel Team – led a procession to escort a piece of WTC steel from New York to the Pentagon in Arlington VA. One of the team leaders of the Knights is Steve Sansevere, a neighbor of Ex-Chief Angelo DeCarlo, who was accompanied by Exempt New Milford firefighter Ron Berndt. Together Steve, Ronnie and several others organized the run, which safely delivered the steel to be erected as part of a 9/11 memorial on the Pentagon grounds. Ex-Chief DeCarlo travelled to the Molly Pitcher Rest Area on the NJ Turnpike, one of the many stops between Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn and the final location in Arlington. Angelo took the opportunity to film the arrival of the steel, and capture images of several hundred of the motorcycle riders who made that day a success. The fire service prides itself on keeping history alive, through anniversary celebrations, written and verbal accounts, parades and many other methods. Although nearly 9 years have passed since that fateful day, Saturday's event was an example of the brotherhood firefighters (active, exempt or retired) have in keeping the torch of history in our daily thoughts. God bless the families of those who perished on that tragic September day in America's history. Keep their spirits alive by supporting future events such as the one this past Saturday. God bless America