New Milford FD responds to a multi Alarm Fire.

Over the weekend Truck Co. 31, Engine Co. 34 and the Chiefs responded to our neighboring town River Edge. Engine 34 was the second due engine company laying over 900 feet of 5” to supply 3 hand lines and the ladder pipe of Hackensack Ladder 1. Truck 31 arrived quickly after and stretched additional lines to help combat the well involved structure. During fire operations the structure partially collapsed. No injuries were reported and companies operated on scene for over 4 hours before returning to the borough.

New Milford Memorial Day Parade Grand Marshall

During our parade today make sure you thank Grand Marshall, Petty Officer First Class and firefighter Paul Stucke for his dedicated service to our nation and the borough of New Milford.

Firefighter Stucke is a 58 year member of the New Milford Fire Department. Paul has more time on our department then most of members have on this earth.

Thank you Paul for your unselfishly service. Here’s to another 58! God bless!

Special thanks to the River Edge Fire Department and Chief Gregg Cariddi for the escort of the antique.

New Milford FD supports the town Department of Public Works

Recycling pick up to flushing the toilet. Driving to the store to cleaning up after a major storm. It’s easy to take these things for granted, thanks to our Department of Public Works.

This week is National Public Works appreciation week. So we would like to call attention to the New Milford Public Works not just this week but every day. The Department of Public Works is what keeps not just our department running by maintaining our department’s fleet (including our 30+ year old engine) but they are what keeps this community clean and safe.

So if you see a Public Works employee please thank them for all of their hard work and dedication to our Borough.

Public Works week May 21 through 27, 2023

New Milford Fire Department House Fire

Just before 6:20 this evening our department was alerted to a reported fire on the side of a home on Holly Street. Deputy 2 was first arriving and confirmed the fire on the alapha delta corner extending into the attic and requested the working fire assignment. Engine 32 was the first arriving engine company and quickly stretched 2 lines to the fire. Tower 31 started searching for victims. An additional alarm was transmitted at 6:25 to bring more resources to the scene. There were no injuries and the fire was placed under control just after 7:00.

A special thank you to all our mutual aid for the help at our fire today.

New Milford Departmental Breakfast & Company Drill. CO. 1 & CO. 2

Members of both Fire Companies attended a departmental breakfast at CO. 1. Following was a Departmental drill which included the use of a house scheduled to be torn down. The drill consisted of roof and exterior ventilations. Also interior attack line operations with search and rescue procedures, in order to locate the source of the fire.

The Junior Firefighters participated in this drill to further there understanding and education of the Fire Service.


Earlier this evening our members along with the New Milford Police Department were alerted to the 400 block of River Rd for a reported car vs building. Car 30 was the first arriving chief, established command and confirmed 1 Tesla protruding half way into a residential structure with a party trapped in the vehicle. Companies arrived on scene shortly after and started to stabilize the vehicle and stretch lines. Squad 36 used a winch along with shoring from Tower 31 to prevent the vehicle from falling into the structure any further. The regionals UASI Team was requested which brought specialized equipment from Hackensack, Paterson and North Hudson due to the building being unstable. A plan beteeen agencies was established to stabilize the vehicle, the home, extricate the trapped party and remove the vehicle from the home. Soon after the patient was removed from the vehicle after using rescue tools to remove the door and was placed in the care of Holy Name EMS. Companies worked along with a local tow to remove the vehicle from the structure and the utilities were secured. Units operated on scene for under 3 hours before becoming available.

Motor Vehicle Crash with Extrication

Just around 2:15am while most of you were sleeping, our members were leaving their beds to battle the single digits and high winds at a motor vehicle accident with a party pinned in the vehicle.

The crash occurred just east of New Bridge and Boulevard that left a debris field of well over a 100ft in both directions. Chief 301 arrived on scene and confirmed 1 party still trapped in the vehicle with both vehicles off the roadway. Command advised inbound companies when they arrived on scene the tools were going to work and to stretch a precautionary line. The patient was successfully extricated, packaged and turned over to Holy Name EMS. The vehicles were so badly damaged that two tow trucks had to physically winch the cars apart. Units operated on scene for 1 one hour.

While operating at the crash scene we were alerted to a additional call for service on Jordan rd. which 31 Truck and Dumont Fire Department handled.

New Milford Police Department

Dumont Volunteer Fire Department



The department was alerted by Central Dispatch to a reported electrical fire in a home last night. Upon investigation by the first arriving companies it was reported the fire was out with a smoke condition inside. Companies found an electrical cord to a space heater that had been cut and taped back together to be the origin of the fire. The room was checked for extension on thermal imaging cameras, the area was wet down and the home was vented. Owners were back in their residence within the hour.

At this time we’d like to talk a little bit about fire saftey especially during the colder months.

Did you know there are approximately 45,000 electrical fires in homes a year, half of them being during the months of December, January and February. Here are some quick tips you can take to help prevent electrical fires.

When using a heating source such as a space heater plug the unit directly into an outlet not a extension cord.

Only plug one heater in per outlet.

Make sure the space heater is at least 3 feet from anything that can turn into a source for fuel to a fire.

Do not overload outlets extension cords or surge protectors.