Tri-Boro South

Tri-Boro South Mutual Aid Organization


The Tri-Boro South Mutual Aid Group was formed in 1948.  The original group was comprised of Oradell, New Milford and River Edge Fire Departments along with New Milford and River Edge Ambulance Corps.  The group was established to share resources during large scale incidents.  The three towns meet every other month and each town hosts one drill per year.

The towns also share common alarm procedures for certain structures.  Any incident at an occupied school, assisted living facility, or large medical facility, automatically has all three departments dispatched as a precaution due to the high occupancy in those buildings.Each town is designated to bring certain apparatus.  Dispatchers have the abiity to push one button and simultaneously activate all three towns.

The Tri-Boro also relies on each other during large structure fires, especially during the day when manpower is at a minimum.  The original three towns each share a common dispatch and fire ground frequency.  The apparatus are also numbered in a similar format.