The department was alerted by Central Dispatch to a reported electrical fire in a home last night. Upon investigation by the first arriving companies it was reported the fire was out with a smoke condition inside. Companies found an electrical cord to a space heater that had been cut and taped back together to be the origin of the fire. The room was checked for extension on thermal imaging cameras, the area was wet down and the home was vented. Owners were back in their residence within the hour.

At this time we’d like to talk a little bit about fire saftey especially during the colder months.

Did you know there are approximately 45,000 electrical fires in homes a year, half of them being during the months of December, January and February. Here are some quick tips you can take to help prevent electrical fires.

When using a heating source such as a space heater plug the unit directly into an outlet not a extension cord.

Only plug one heater in per outlet.

Make sure the space heater is at least 3 feet from anything that can turn into a source for fuel to a fire.

Do not overload outlets extension cords or surge protectors.