Motor Vehicle Crash with Extrication

Just around 2:15am while most of you were sleeping, our members were leaving their beds to battle the single digits and high winds at a motor vehicle accident with a party pinned in the vehicle.

The crash occurred just east of New Bridge and Boulevard that left a debris field of well over a 100ft in both directions. Chief 301 arrived on scene and confirmed 1 party still trapped in the vehicle with both vehicles off the roadway. Command advised inbound companies when they arrived on scene the tools were going to work and to stretch a precautionary line. The patient was successfully extricated, packaged and turned over to Holy Name EMS. The vehicles were so badly damaged that two tow trucks had to physically winch the cars apart. Units operated on scene for 1 one hour.

While operating at the crash scene we were alerted to a additional call for service on Jordan rd. which 31 Truck and Dumont Fire Department handled.

New Milford Police Department

Dumont Volunteer Fire Department